Tuesday, March 31, 2009

65 degrees and Snow

Ty had to check on something at his bosses farm and since it was a beautiful spring day we decided to make it a family outing! And let me mention it is only in Oklahoma that it will be 65 degrees outside with snow on the ground.

Zeke and the back of the truck is a good thing. Otis not so much. His "puppy eyes" got him on my lap soon after we got on the road.

Simply Perfect

This little guy wanted to say hi. I guess little boys and little cows are the same when it comes to playing in the mud.

Zeke loves cows. Last year we went out to my grandparents farm and I found Zeke standing at the fence in awe as 50 cows stand in a tight packed herd staring back at him.

And of course he found a snake. The story of my life.

The wind comes sweeping down the plain

Don't you love when you look up and you see this? Here in Oklahoma this only means one thing.....

You have less than 30 minutes to get home before a thunderstorm comes and you miss getting to sit in your garage and watch it's fury.

We were driving home as fast as we could because the weather man just announced HAIL! And this was in front of us and as soon as we turned the corner the sky changed.

Black clouds, Blue Sky a beautiful combination.
We made it home and got the cars tucked safely inside the garage moments before the hail hit. There is nothing like spring time in Oklahoma!

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Good Boys

In my rush out the door to sweep the snow off my car for work I guess I did not get the front door closed.........oh no............After being gone 2 1/2 hours Ty came into the living room and saw the front door standing open letting the 30 degree air blast into our warm abode!!!!
Luckily these too trouble makers did not see a need to explore the neighborhood. Instead they were curled up together (probably trying to stay warm) in the bedroom sound asleep.
What dogs would rather sleep than run out an open front door!?!

We are lucky to have such angels. Or at least angels this morning.

Mental Note: The front door must latch to stay closed during a snow storm.