Tuesday, March 31, 2009

65 degrees and Snow

Ty had to check on something at his bosses farm and since it was a beautiful spring day we decided to make it a family outing! And let me mention it is only in Oklahoma that it will be 65 degrees outside with snow on the ground.

Zeke and the back of the truck is a good thing. Otis not so much. His "puppy eyes" got him on my lap soon after we got on the road.

Simply Perfect

This little guy wanted to say hi. I guess little boys and little cows are the same when it comes to playing in the mud.

Zeke loves cows. Last year we went out to my grandparents farm and I found Zeke standing at the fence in awe as 50 cows stand in a tight packed herd staring back at him.

And of course he found a snake. The story of my life.

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