Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Miss Smith

yesterday i officially became
Christel Elizabeth Smith

i am sad my marriage failed.
but i am trilled to have it behind me.
it is a beautiful thought knowing my future has a blank slate.
anything is possible.......
after court i went straight to the tag agency to get Smith back were it belongs on my license.
i think i might be in love with a piece of plastic....

my two besties came over with wine and wrapping paper in tow
to cheers me for getting over this hurtle.
i should probably call it a mountain not a little speed bump.
because the past few years have been trying....but as of now all i see rainbows and sunshine.
thank you Judge Walke.

last night ended up being one of my most favorite nights of all time.
taylor was coming over to help me wrap presents.
linzi caught wind of this and wanted in on the fun.
sweat shirts and sleeping pants were the dress code.

is it too late to add something to my christmas wish list?
wine bottle opener, please!
we had to switch to the box.

world i would like you to see 2 women who know me better than i know myself.
the 2 women who i trust with my secrets.
the 2 women who tell me when i am acting foolish and simply only want me to be happy.
these women will let me dance while they sit on my couch and talk about me.....speaking of i wonder what they were talking about....hmmmm

i have a secret....but don't tell anyone.....

we are dorks.

we might look cool.
but it is a front.
we are about as geeky as they come.
what is great about this is we are always guaranteed a good laugh.

we have a million ridiculous inside jokes.
you go to detox
fingers for teeth
...from the back
it's coming back in the window
all of which i would never want my future children to ever know!

December 21, 2009 oh what a happy day.

Thank You Linzi & Taylor for being the best friends
a girl could ever ask for.

Saturday, December 19, 2009

baby it's cold outside

this weekend...

i am baking fudge with a lot of hope it turns out successfully since someone is depending on me. this morning i have already went shopping with my mom and successfully made her laugh at something which mr hefner would of enjoyed. sunday i am tagging along during some christmas present shopping. i hope they need to buy gifts for some kiddos. they are the most fun to shop for.....i am also thinking about making someone dinner...decisions decisions....oh and the best part i am wearing a new dress, after not wearing another new dress. cocktail party's can be complicated. true cocktail is one thing but the guest list might make it go another way. i think i found a happy medium.....we shall see....

also this weekend i will do a lot of looking in the mirror since this lady went blonde!!!

the weekend is revolving around going to the annual Black and White Party tonight. it should be an enjoyable party with lots of friends and yummy martinis!

this is a picture from the 1st Black and White Party 5 years ago.

we are just babies!

i am officially excited for christmas. still no christmas music and stockings but i am loving helping friends with their holiday plans, the presents, and the feeling of warmth i get when i think of christmas with my family.

so without further ado here is my favorite holiday song. not christmas music but close enough....

i hope you have a fantastic weekend, i know i will!

Friday, December 18, 2009

jodi picoult

"there's always going to be bad stuff out there.
but here's the amazing thing,
light triumphs darkness, every time.
you stick a candle into the dark,
but you can't stick the dark into the light."

i am confused...

i guess she is sad she got a ticket??

twirling your hair

we all have an anchor.

it could be if you fold your arms, chew your nails, or even a person....
husband, mom, or friend.

these anchors comfort us. support us. make a situation okay. they are a comfort zone which help us be ourselves. but what happens if you do not have your anchor?

well you might drink too much at a company christmas party
and feel sheepish the next day.

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Christmas List

i been asked everyday this past week what i would like for christmas
so i thought i would take it back old school and make a list.

Dear Santa,

i would love to be able to pack my swimming suit in the summer and fuzzy slippers in the winter in a lovely louis vuitton duffel bag when headed up to the lake.

my king size bead with only 2 pillows on it is looking quite silly. maybe you could fix this with some new fluffy pillows? don't worry about pillow cases i am already getting new sheets so just the pillows will be fine.

santa, i am needing for you to send the individual who is going to buy my sister's house sooner than later. 2 years ago a christmas miracle sold my house. lets make this miracle happen again.

i am excited for when i am crawling out of bed in the morning to put my feet on a white sheep skin rug. but the rug i can handle, it is the new hardwood floors beneath it which would be a great gift.

a thoughtful stocking stuffer idea would be 6 tickets to Fiji.
feel free to book the trip for over the new year. this would be perfect timing.

oh i can't forget when my parents are in vegas a perfect gift would be for them to hit the jackpot.

a new pair of kicks is diffidently needed. i am digging the slim pumas right now.
whatever color you fancy at the moment is fine with me.

new couch. enough said.

if all these gifts will not fit in your sled i would be okay with just the
Fujiilm Instax MINI 7s White Instant Film Camera

this retro-inspired camera shoots out vintage-esque photos
which would capture specials moments with a little style.

think Polaroid but chic.

i have officially fallen in love with a gadget.

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Negative Nancy

i have to do this.

please bear with me.

today is the day.

i broke.

i am about to go all Reese Witherspoon in Sweet Home Alabama. and for you who don't know what i am referring to here is the movie quote.....

"well, for starters, you can get your stubborn ass down here and give me a divorce!"
"are you shitting me?"
"i have never understood that expression but no i am not SHITTING you."

ahhh it felt good to let that out.

and now i do not feel like being anything other than annoyed.
i soon will grow tired of being annoyed but for now.....it stays.

other annoying things:

someone shaking your hand with wet hands
not getting invited to something you didn't want to go to anyways
splatter in the microwave
an empty ice maker
waitress takes plate before your done
any empty drink glass it seems the waitress ignoring
not being able to communicate how to do something over the phone
being called out of line by an employee, going back to the line to realize no one will let you back in where you were
the one person who doesn't dress up
when an individual blocks their pin number...like i am looking or even care
an empty shelve where the one item you need should be
when a president's speech or baseball game cuts into my tv show
uncomfortable small talk
a yawn which gets cut short
spam mail
taking your jacket off in the car and getting stuck
public spitters
noisy eaters
when the dvd is scratched and you cannot finish the movie
someone who over uses a catch phrase or movie quote
a full cart in the 15 items or less lane
uncleared numbers on the microwave
being handed cash, change, and receipt at once
shopping carts with a broken wheel
when the computer on the phone will not let you talk to a person

now back to our regularly scheduled program

"the most beautiful people we know are those who have known defeat, known suffering, known struggle, known loss, and have found their way out. these people have an appreciation, a sensitivity, and an understanding of life that fills them with compassion, gentleness, and a deep loving concern.
beautiful people do not just happen."
elisabeth kubler-ross

Saturday, December 12, 2009

Bah Hum Bug?

i seem to not be able to get away from this thing called christmas.

but do not tell anyone......i had fun putting up my friend's tree.

the Grinch can't find out or he will kick me out of the club!

and i am enjoying the Boycotting Christmas Club.
everything is easy and smooth.
5 gifts to buy and done.

isn't it lovely?

would you like cash back?

you know my dog?

the one who was kindly asked to not come back to his new groomer?

the one who is extremely laid back but only if everything goes his way?

my dog is the one who just turned 7?

he is the one who is spoiled rotten and with my consent fear of something happening to him has to ride in the backseat in a safety hammock?

well i broke.....one morning this week oklahoma's weather was brutal! even with his jacket Otis still was in the backseat shaking. and it was not a normal shake. i was scared he was going to give himself brain damage.

his poor pathetic eyes sucked me in....i took my jacket off, wrapped him up, and held him the whole way to work.

yet he was not too cold to turn around and wait for the treat machine to open.

the bank.
his favorite part of the day.

Friday, December 11, 2009

a chance of rain

a rain storm summertime growing up meant i would grab my goggles and jump into the pool as quickly as possible. i loved laying at the bottom of the pool and looking up to watch the rain hit the water. when i think of those moments i think of the soothing silence and weightless floating.....it makes me want to go back....

i want to remember what it felt like to only have the concern if Sister was about the jump in the pool and scare me or if Mom filled the pantry with yummy snacks.

in no way do i want to go back to being a child but i want to remember the feeling of no worries.
the feeling of sheer bliss there was rain on a hot summer day.
the feeling of the only thing which matters is how long i can hold my breath so i do not miss one single rain drop.

Thursday, December 10, 2009

I'm Yours

some covers are good. some covers are bad. this cover is perfect.

just try to not smile.

the wind

i hope to live by the words of this song. simply put it would be a beautiful life.

home vs friend's

the past couple days have thrown me for a loop. and i keep having to remind myself i have to experience the sour to appreciate the sweet. and just when i feel the sour trying to take over i luckily have the most special people in my life to remind me my glass is half full of wonderful things.

yesterday evening i received a phone call from my beautiful best friend who was checking in about my sour. i filled her in, she gave her advice, made me giggle, and then asked where i was.

'at taylor's. she is wrapping christmas gifts and i am trying not to watch.'
'do you live there now?'
'no silly. almost. but no'

what she did not think about is if i was home i would not of cleaned a friend's house for a Welcome Home from Vacation surprise yesterday evening. or decorated his house like christmas threw up on it. i would not of went up and down every aisle at Hobby Lobby saying 'i want this....' and 'if i bought you this you would have to display it. good thing i am not buying it for you!' if i was kickin' it at my casa i would not of got the experience of trying to rent the un-rent-able movie twilight. and watch someone come very close to a mental break down over this un-rent-able movie. or had the perfect Pita delivered and enjoyed in the living room of a dear friend.

also i do not have a ab roller nor do i have someone at home to take pictures of me as i crash and burn trying to master this dreadful invention!

i think a glass of wine had something to do with me thinking it was a good time to work out and two glasses on taylor's part to take a picture of it!

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

That kid

you know anytime children come to together to preform for their families there is always that one kid?

you know the one which is too cool to stand and sing.

the one child which keeps making the audience laugh because they are yawning and messing with the microphone.

they never had any intention of performing the songs which they had been practicing for weeks with their munchkin friends.

well my nephew Wyatt was this kid sunday at church.
Man oh Man did he have everyone in the audience laughing.

here is the little buggers family who giggled right along with everyone else in the congregation about their son/brother being way too cool for his Christmas Program.

this was #2 of my 3 christmas actives.

bah hum bug

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

loves tulips

here are some things which make me, christel elizabeth.

i watch cartoons every morning
eat my cereal without milk
sing and dance almost every time i am in car
watch mostly all reality tv
my first thought every morning is 'where's otis?'
i have to remind myself to drink water
i would never want the ability to read minds
i am a rider not a driver
i have been known to dance in the elevator
i wish i could drink my coffee black
at times i think i was born in the wrong decade. which decade i belong in is still a question.
i am loyal. almost to a fault.
moved 14 times in 8 years
if i have a good laugh i promise there will be tears in my eyes
i am not excited for my 10 year high school reunion
my house is the home i lived in when i was a kid
i squeeze the toothpaste from the bottom
rarely remove my nail polish before applying another coat
relive dreadful embarrassing moments in my head too often
do not mind going to restaurants and movies alone
thinks it is mean to Yuck someone's Yum
i know the art below would look fantastic on my wall with pins in it with where i have been and where i want to go.

now if i could only find a world map like this....

Saturday, December 5, 2009

His Perfect Creations

Wyatt & Sutton you both are a gift from above.

A gift which was created by His hands with love, compassion, and generosity. You two represent hope, comfort, and trust. Wyatt & Sutton you are still new to this world and only know me as your aunt. But please always remember for the rest of your blessed and holy spirit filled life's that I am here for you whenever you need me. But no I will not buy you and your buddies beer but I will be your confidante, your friend and answer questions you have as you grow into strong successful men.

I love you my darling nephews.

this is for you

someone needs this song. and i hope this someone knows if i could sing i would sing it to them. but maybe i should try anyways since a good giggle would come from my attempt.

Friday, December 4, 2009

thought of the day

last night i sat on the phone like a 12 year old girl catching up with a dear friend. sure i saw this friend a few weeks ago but you see my life at this moment is changing daily. the phrases "i am into this now..." "oh i am over that..." "i am excited to do..." comes out of my mouth daily. at times i find myself unable to even enjoy a tv show from my mind always thinking of my next adventure.

yet this is not a problem but a beautiful blessing.

after catching up i told her how i saw a new doctor and i thought he was wonderful. sure his bedside manner was nice but it was one word he said which will keep me his patient.....Congratulations.

i stated i was in the middle of a divorce and he said 'Congratulations.'

FINALLY someone said it!

usually when i state my situation i get 'ohhhh i am soooo sorry!'
and i want to respond with ' what are you sorry for? did you have something to do with my marriage not making it?!?'

anyone who has found themselves in this sticky stop understands what i am saying. the last thing anyone wants is someone to feel pity for them.

please do me and a favor.....if you ever hear someone say 'i am going through a divorce' say something positive, no negative words and sad eyes. don't be sorry for something you had nothing to do with. be happy this individual took the leap of faith and is finding their happiness.

Thursday, December 3, 2009

do not fear what you do not know

today this is the perfect song. i wish i could of found a better clip.

i am not worried because i know the things i wish for will come true.


i want to have a family
i want to find the man God made for me
and for this man to be my best friend, give great bear hugs, and clean the gutters without being ask
i want to bring beautiful moments into my loved ones life's
have a house which is paid for
my future daughter to be a talented dancer with passion for the arts
and music to always fill my home
to travel to not only a beach but places which are full of life and experiences
i want to learn something new everyday
and cook our family dinner every night
and i want to never disappoint anyone ever again
and last i want Otis to make it into a little book called
Guinness Book of World Records
for being the longest living shih tzu

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

one dirty goose, please

because of this empty box i will not have a martini for at least 1 year.

a sandwhich made up of 1/2 cruchy veggies and 1/2 minced green olives is yucky. especially for me who is lucky if i can taste veggies at all on a sandwich.

note to self: do not EVER order the Californian Club on a croissant if i ever want to indulge in a dirty martini ever again.

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Bah Hum Bug

I have decided i am skipping christmas this year.

no wreaths, no lights, no music, nothing. i will buy my loved ones thoughtful gifts because they all deserve something wonderful. i will enjoy Smith Family traditions on christmas eve so my mom isn't sad. but this is it! i am not digging warm fuzzy stockings on the fireplace and a tree full of memories. so i am vetoing christmas.

no big deal.


dp and tj are best friends.
tj rents an apartment on dp's property.
dp and tj argue like an old married couple with dp always giving into tj.

"hey guys we are done. lets go eat."

what?!?!?! since when do restaurants stay closed on the day after thanksgiving?!?

we proceeded to sit in the car and laugh at each other for being so disappointed our dinner plans had been squashed.

and came back to their house looking like this.

wonderful isn't?!

this was my one christmas activity. ohh other than celebrating, in my heart, Baby Jesus's Birthday!

i will remember the reason for the season but will not be caught up in the spending money, stressing about time, and pawning over perfect decorations.