Friday, December 4, 2009

thought of the day

last night i sat on the phone like a 12 year old girl catching up with a dear friend. sure i saw this friend a few weeks ago but you see my life at this moment is changing daily. the phrases "i am into this now..." "oh i am over that..." "i am excited to do..." comes out of my mouth daily. at times i find myself unable to even enjoy a tv show from my mind always thinking of my next adventure.

yet this is not a problem but a beautiful blessing.

after catching up i told her how i saw a new doctor and i thought he was wonderful. sure his bedside manner was nice but it was one word he said which will keep me his patient.....Congratulations.

i stated i was in the middle of a divorce and he said 'Congratulations.'

FINALLY someone said it!

usually when i state my situation i get 'ohhhh i am soooo sorry!'
and i want to respond with ' what are you sorry for? did you have something to do with my marriage not making it?!?'

anyone who has found themselves in this sticky stop understands what i am saying. the last thing anyone wants is someone to feel pity for them.

please do me and a favor.....if you ever hear someone say 'i am going through a divorce' say something positive, no negative words and sad eyes. don't be sorry for something you had nothing to do with. be happy this individual took the leap of faith and is finding their happiness.

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