Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Miss Smith

yesterday i officially became
Christel Elizabeth Smith

i am sad my marriage failed.
but i am trilled to have it behind me.
it is a beautiful thought knowing my future has a blank slate.
anything is possible.......
after court i went straight to the tag agency to get Smith back were it belongs on my license.
i think i might be in love with a piece of plastic....

my two besties came over with wine and wrapping paper in tow
to cheers me for getting over this hurtle.
i should probably call it a mountain not a little speed bump.
because the past few years have been trying....but as of now all i see rainbows and sunshine.
thank you Judge Walke.

last night ended up being one of my most favorite nights of all time.
taylor was coming over to help me wrap presents.
linzi caught wind of this and wanted in on the fun.
sweat shirts and sleeping pants were the dress code.

is it too late to add something to my christmas wish list?
wine bottle opener, please!
we had to switch to the box.

world i would like you to see 2 women who know me better than i know myself.
the 2 women who i trust with my secrets.
the 2 women who tell me when i am acting foolish and simply only want me to be happy.
these women will let me dance while they sit on my couch and talk about me.....speaking of i wonder what they were talking about....hmmmm

i have a secret....but don't tell anyone.....

we are dorks.

we might look cool.
but it is a front.
we are about as geeky as they come.
what is great about this is we are always guaranteed a good laugh.

we have a million ridiculous inside jokes.
you go to detox
fingers for teeth
...from the back
it's coming back in the window
all of which i would never want my future children to ever know!

December 21, 2009 oh what a happy day.

Thank You Linzi & Taylor for being the best friends
a girl could ever ask for.

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