Thursday, December 17, 2009

Christmas List

i been asked everyday this past week what i would like for christmas
so i thought i would take it back old school and make a list.

Dear Santa,

i would love to be able to pack my swimming suit in the summer and fuzzy slippers in the winter in a lovely louis vuitton duffel bag when headed up to the lake.

my king size bead with only 2 pillows on it is looking quite silly. maybe you could fix this with some new fluffy pillows? don't worry about pillow cases i am already getting new sheets so just the pillows will be fine.

santa, i am needing for you to send the individual who is going to buy my sister's house sooner than later. 2 years ago a christmas miracle sold my house. lets make this miracle happen again.

i am excited for when i am crawling out of bed in the morning to put my feet on a white sheep skin rug. but the rug i can handle, it is the new hardwood floors beneath it which would be a great gift.

a thoughtful stocking stuffer idea would be 6 tickets to Fiji.
feel free to book the trip for over the new year. this would be perfect timing.

oh i can't forget when my parents are in vegas a perfect gift would be for them to hit the jackpot.

a new pair of kicks is diffidently needed. i am digging the slim pumas right now.
whatever color you fancy at the moment is fine with me.

new couch. enough said.

if all these gifts will not fit in your sled i would be okay with just the
Fujiilm Instax MINI 7s White Instant Film Camera

this retro-inspired camera shoots out vintage-esque photos
which would capture specials moments with a little style.

think Polaroid but chic.

i have officially fallen in love with a gadget.

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