Saturday, December 12, 2009

would you like cash back?

you know my dog?

the one who was kindly asked to not come back to his new groomer?

the one who is extremely laid back but only if everything goes his way?

my dog is the one who just turned 7?

he is the one who is spoiled rotten and with my consent fear of something happening to him has to ride in the backseat in a safety hammock?

well i morning this week oklahoma's weather was brutal! even with his jacket Otis still was in the backseat shaking. and it was not a normal shake. i was scared he was going to give himself brain damage.

his poor pathetic eyes sucked me in....i took my jacket off, wrapped him up, and held him the whole way to work.

yet he was not too cold to turn around and wait for the treat machine to open.

the bank.
his favorite part of the day.

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