Saturday, December 19, 2009

baby it's cold outside

this weekend...

i am baking fudge with a lot of hope it turns out successfully since someone is depending on me. this morning i have already went shopping with my mom and successfully made her laugh at something which mr hefner would of enjoyed. sunday i am tagging along during some christmas present shopping. i hope they need to buy gifts for some kiddos. they are the most fun to shop for.....i am also thinking about making someone dinner...decisions decisions....oh and the best part i am wearing a new dress, after not wearing another new dress. cocktail party's can be complicated. true cocktail is one thing but the guest list might make it go another way. i think i found a happy medium.....we shall see....

also this weekend i will do a lot of looking in the mirror since this lady went blonde!!!

the weekend is revolving around going to the annual Black and White Party tonight. it should be an enjoyable party with lots of friends and yummy martinis!

this is a picture from the 1st Black and White Party 5 years ago.

we are just babies!

i am officially excited for christmas. still no christmas music and stockings but i am loving helping friends with their holiday plans, the presents, and the feeling of warmth i get when i think of christmas with my family.

so without further ado here is my favorite holiday song. not christmas music but close enough....

i hope you have a fantastic weekend, i know i will!

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