Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Bah Hum Bug

I have decided i am skipping christmas this year.

no wreaths, no lights, no music, nothing. i will buy my loved ones thoughtful gifts because they all deserve something wonderful. i will enjoy Smith Family traditions on christmas eve so my mom isn't sad. but this is it! i am not digging warm fuzzy stockings on the fireplace and a tree full of memories. so i am vetoing christmas.

no big deal.


dp and tj are best friends.
tj rents an apartment on dp's property.
dp and tj argue like an old married couple with dp always giving into tj.

"hey guys we are done. lets go eat."

what?!?!?! since when do restaurants stay closed on the day after thanksgiving?!?

we proceeded to sit in the car and laugh at each other for being so disappointed our dinner plans had been squashed.

and came back to their house looking like this.

wonderful isn't?!

this was my one christmas activity. ohh other than celebrating, in my heart, Baby Jesus's Birthday!

i will remember the reason for the season but will not be caught up in the spending money, stressing about time, and pawning over perfect decorations.

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