Thursday, December 10, 2009

home vs friend's

the past couple days have thrown me for a loop. and i keep having to remind myself i have to experience the sour to appreciate the sweet. and just when i feel the sour trying to take over i luckily have the most special people in my life to remind me my glass is half full of wonderful things.

yesterday evening i received a phone call from my beautiful best friend who was checking in about my sour. i filled her in, she gave her advice, made me giggle, and then asked where i was.

'at taylor's. she is wrapping christmas gifts and i am trying not to watch.'
'do you live there now?'
'no silly. almost. but no'

what she did not think about is if i was home i would not of cleaned a friend's house for a Welcome Home from Vacation surprise yesterday evening. or decorated his house like christmas threw up on it. i would not of went up and down every aisle at Hobby Lobby saying 'i want this....' and 'if i bought you this you would have to display it. good thing i am not buying it for you!' if i was kickin' it at my casa i would not of got the experience of trying to rent the un-rent-able movie twilight. and watch someone come very close to a mental break down over this un-rent-able movie. or had the perfect Pita delivered and enjoyed in the living room of a dear friend.

also i do not have a ab roller nor do i have someone at home to take pictures of me as i crash and burn trying to master this dreadful invention!

i think a glass of wine had something to do with me thinking it was a good time to work out and two glasses on taylor's part to take a picture of it!

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