Tuesday, December 8, 2009

loves tulips

here are some things which make me, christel elizabeth.

i watch cartoons every morning
eat my cereal without milk
sing and dance almost every time i am in car
watch mostly all reality tv
my first thought every morning is 'where's otis?'
i have to remind myself to drink water
i would never want the ability to read minds
i am a rider not a driver
i have been known to dance in the elevator
i wish i could drink my coffee black
at times i think i was born in the wrong decade. which decade i belong in is still a question.
i am loyal. almost to a fault.
moved 14 times in 8 years
if i have a good laugh i promise there will be tears in my eyes
i am not excited for my 10 year high school reunion
my house is the home i lived in when i was a kid
i squeeze the toothpaste from the bottom
rarely remove my nail polish before applying another coat
relive dreadful embarrassing moments in my head too often
do not mind going to restaurants and movies alone
thinks it is mean to Yuck someone's Yum
i know the art below would look fantastic on my wall with pins in it with where i have been and where i want to go.

now if i could only find a world map like this....

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