Thursday, December 3, 2009

do not fear what you do not know

today this is the perfect song. i wish i could of found a better clip.

i am not worried because i know the things i wish for will come true.


i want to have a family
i want to find the man God made for me
and for this man to be my best friend, give great bear hugs, and clean the gutters without being ask
i want to bring beautiful moments into my loved ones life's
have a house which is paid for
my future daughter to be a talented dancer with passion for the arts
and music to always fill my home
to travel to not only a beach but places which are full of life and experiences
i want to learn something new everyday
and cook our family dinner every night
and i want to never disappoint anyone ever again
and last i want Otis to make it into a little book called
Guinness Book of World Records
for being the longest living shih tzu

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