Thursday, September 20, 2012

In my red wallet

Years ago a man whom I looked up to told me that "when you want something it is only a wish, once written down then it becomes a goal." He even had a board which he pinned pictures of his goals to for all to see. He said it made him feel accountable for his goals.

After he told me this I started writing my wishes down turning them into goals. They have been big and small. My first list was on a little torn sheet of paper. It has been rewritten onto a back of a receipt and then another scratch piece of paper. Some of my goals go from See Celine Dion In Concert to Become a Mother.

If there is something I KNOW I will have to work for, plan for, strive for, my list is pulled out of my wallet and added to. As things get crossed off more is added. For my 29th birthday my goal of Sleeping in a Haunted Location was crossed off but since I have added 5 items.

Today a major item was added. I have been waiting for confirmation I will be able to pull it off because I did not want to set myself up to fail.

But this can be done.

It will be done.

And I can not wait.

It is time to pull out my wallet, get my list and write down…..

Donate my time overseas by bringing medical supplies and scrubbing surgeries for individuals who do not have access to modern medicine.

I have the organization I will go through and now I simply have to save my money (a lot of money...this one is going to take will power) and prepair myself to assist in surgery which will take place in a non ideal OR. Time to buckle down!

The universe helped me along the way through my education giving me the resources to receive knowledge. It gave me a gift. And now it is time I give back. I will give thanks by helping fix a child’s cleft lip or repair a man’s problem bowel which hinders him from working.

So now my goal is written down in two places, my mind is made up and having an unselfish goal feels fantasic. 

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

I think..... makes everything better should smile at one stranger a day, at least

...everyone should have at least 2 hobbies

...there is no sweeter sound than a child saying they love you

...there are always 3 sides to a story should lie on top of the warm clothes right out of the dryer for a few seconds

...if your dress twirls well, you should twirl

...i am finally learning to have patience

...a peanut butter and jelly sandwich goes best with Cheetos

...all political and sport team posts should be banned from facebook over the age of 25 should own a suit

...being single is okay

...yet being in love is better polish is for the summer and red is for the winter

...seeing the awesome mothers my friends have grown into is a pretty incrediable thing is okay to eat Twizzlers for dinner

...that I might never move as to never have to be without my grumpy old man. Why must he be so lovable and the sweetest thing to wake up to?

Monday, September 3, 2012

love notes

Dear Old Friend,

Thank you for the day on the water. I do not think we have laughed that much together in 12 years. The salami was delicious, my shoulders turned pink and you were the perfect host.

Dear Old World Map,

I know you are out there. And I am excited about all the amazing treasures I will find along the way of searching for you. But do me a favor and let me find you by November 1st.

Dear National Exam,

I am dreading you on Wednesday. I do not know if I have ever wanted to not do something more than sit down at that computer at 8:00am and let one stupid test tell me how much I have learned and if I am good at my job. I know I am good at my job. If you are in my OR you are in capable hands. I do not need a 200 question test to tell me this. Yet when we meet in a few days help me stay calm and NO TRICK QUESTIONS, please.

Saturday, September 1, 2012

words which made my day

My first favorite quote from the week was spoken from my backseat by the gentleman who drew me a picture of me working.

I asked Sutton if he knew what a parking garage is and he said "isn't it the thing we went into when Mallory came out?"

My response while holding back my laughter was "yes you parked your car in a parking garage when you went the hospital when your sister was born."

 "Hey guys it is pretty great we still feel so close even after all these years.  I mean we all have other friends but you 3 are the ones I would call if i had to hide a body."  - Tonya