Wednesday, December 29, 2010

No one would find us

this past weekend we drove one hour south and found ourselves giggling at life in a small town wal-mart.we were on our way to a weekend cabin to do much of nothing. it was cozy and perfectly decorated with symbols of the simple country life.

we had our four dogs with us, played a ridiculous card game and ate steak and shrimp for two meals.

we wanted to scare ourselves and thought the idea of a homemade Ouija board was a good one.

it didn't work and then had to google the proper way to get rid of a Ouija board.

just in case....

come to find out even city dogs love cow patties.

the only thing which made us leave our cozy cabin in the middle of a field with no one knowing were we were was we ran out of food.

next time i say we take extra.

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