Monday, May 18, 2009

Found Booty

Out at the friend's farm this weekend there was an old old old house which has been abandoned since the 70's. It was so creepy I did not want Ty to leave my side. The phrase "stay close, your too far, do not leave me" was said probably 20 times. It looks and feels like it is straight out of a horror movie. Usually I would of loved it but the spider webs and dead rat ruined it for me.

When we were poking around and trying to ignore the creepy factor of the made up beds something caught my eye.....Books! I could not get these beauties out of the falling down house fast enough! They are history encyclopedias of the years 1959-1962. I scrubbed them clean and placed them on the piano. I think they like their new home....

What is so great about my found treasure is it is 3 of my favorite things wrapped into one! Books, old pictures, and history. It does not get much better than this!

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