Thursday, May 14, 2009

My work has a SuperHero

Do not come out to the store anytime soon! Err...wait....that is not right....What I meant to say is.....If you come out to the yard in the next couple of days bring a gas mask! Our sweet little Peng defended her home, she fought a good fight, she showed that skunk who is the boss!!

The mean skunk tried to get under the building where Peng has her little ones at the moment.

As soon as she discovered the intruder she would have pounced with all her might. She forced the nasty pest back out the door he came from. All while her 3 furry kittens watched in awe of their mom and learned what it takes to be a real woman. This lady is little but mighty!

I made up this whole story........I really have no idea what happened. I do know the whole office smells of skunk, Peng was in a tussle last night, the smell is unbearable where the cats are, and Peng has a yellow stain on her coat.

poor kitty. poor us.

disclaimer: this is a repeat post from my works blog.

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