Sunday, May 17, 2009

Nacho not Nachos

Hey look it's Linzi!

Saturday we made our way to the Shuck House. I love going to the Shuck House. I mean really love going to the Shuck House. The food is never less than perfect, there is always a story to share, and there are 2 beautiful kiddo's to giggle at. So why in the world are we not there more often!?!? Sure they are one town over but it is not like I drive a horse and carriage and have to get home before the storm comes and the river gets to high to cross!!

Their son Collin is 7 months and is beyond just handsome. This baby is insanely wonderful! And believe me I know this because I spent over half the night staring him.

Their almost 3 year old daughter Stella was far too busy for me to snap a shot of her. I will get one next time of the busy little bee......

One of the highlights of the evening was when John told us a fantastic story about one of his adventure of being a Police Officer. One time he was called to sweep an abandoned building which had an alarm triggered. He was walking room by room with his gun pulled and he came across someone sitting in the dark, he yelled "freeze! put your hands where I can see them!" They did not move so he yelled again "put your hands up!" Still nothing....He then was moving to the front of the chair to physically take the man down and realized it was a manikin. hahahahahahahahaha Now that's a funny story!!!!!!!

We then went to the topic of dirty diapers which turned into a discussion about my cooking. (the 1st topic had nothing to do with the second, I hope) I then proceeded to announce I think a single chip with cheese and one jalapeno is a nacho not nachos.

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