Saturday, July 18, 2009


Dear McDonald masterminds,

I do not appreciate you somehow magically sticking a coupon for a free McCafe coffee in my car's console. Because after just one sip of your beyond yummy chilled iced mocha I was in love. So now if I happen to drive by your golden arch in the AM I must chant to myself "I will not pull in and buy a $3.01 chilled iced mocha...."
First off being no one, not even Oprah, should spend $3.01 on a coffee. The second reason a McCafe coffee is not a good idea is having to eat rabbit food for dinner to balance out the one million calories.
So now I am saying hello and goodbye McDonald masterminds to your dreamy McCafe coffees. It was a good fight on your part but I have won this battle.

Your satisfied customer,

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