Monday, August 20, 2012

2 Elizabeths and a mirror

An early morning last weekend I had somewhere to be. A set time was quickly approaching and I needed to get ready, pick up the morning mess and get my To Do List in order for a busy day.  Yet at times there are more important things than a made bed and last nights pj's in the hamper.  And this Saturday morning the more important thing which pushed all responsibility aside came in the way of a 13 month old beauty who shares my middle name. 
And this lovable baby girl and I sat and did our make up together. No rushing. No care we both had somewhere to be. And as she stared with sparkling blue eyes at my freshly applied red lip stick I knew this is a moment I will not forget.  The moment I felt was this aunt's first girly lesson of life being given to her niece. 
She giggled as I touched power to her round cheeks and reached for the gloss after I gently applied it to her tiny smile.  Mallory then showed me how she thought the gloss would look nice in her hair. 

Sometimes my sister's daughter gets a look of pure determination. Nothing is going to stop this tiny human from doing what she has her mind set on.  And this morning make up lesson had many of these looks.  Like she was memorizing my every move to then use herself later when she is being bugged by her big brothers while trying to get ready for her first date. 
Miss Mallory Elizabeth you are gorgeous......just like your mom.
Thank you sister for sharing your blonde baby girl this special morning.
I sure love her.
Lip gloss in her hair and all.

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