Monday, August 27, 2012

What was that?!?

Friday night I found myself piled in a pick up truck headed west.  Stories were shared and jokes were told as we kept driving west. After 45 minutes of my surroundings looking like this...
I googled myself.  I had no idea where I was.  But I knew the driver has been driving these abandoned roads since he was old enough to jump in a old truck with his buddies and a 6 pack to explore their world as small town county boys.  Yet as a city girl I was getting a little nervous. I had to make sure everyone was paying attention to what was going on and I said "we have not seen a house or even a light in the distance in over 30 minutes."  And someone, I am not quite sure who, said "isn't this the point?"
We did not really have a destination.  We wanted to use the light of the half moon and see if we could still as adults scare ourselves to the point of laughing. 

Mission Accomplished.  
 We found an abandoned school house.  I could not get enough of the simple detail of the woodwork and chalk boards which used to be filled with reading, writing and arithmetic which had been ripped off the walls by weather and time. 
The rule was NO FLASHLIGHTS. 
But I had to see. 
I had to touch as much as I could. 
Thank you flashlight app. 
Most everything which made us jump was us scaring ourselves. 

But that is the point, right?
 And this was a terrific Friday night of creepy locations in the middle of no where Oklahoma.

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