Thursday, August 23, 2012

If this team had cheerleaders I would be the Captain

Today as I was leaving the hospital for the last time as a student and the realization that the pressures and sacrifices over the past year were over, done, gone I was over come with emotion. I can't believe I did day at a time, one test at a time, one surgical procedure at a time. And then there I was saying "see you all in two weeks when I am finally getting paid for this!"

And it happened.

I saw something which made me go to my car and cry the happiest tears.

I saw pride in the eyes of the individuals which I have worked 3 months with, learning from and trying my darnedest to impress.

I received a high five from someone who works in the instrument room. A wink from an Anesthesiologist. A nurse said "hurry back so you can be our coworker!" My OR director told me she was proud of me and she will miss me while I am studying for my national exam over the next 2 weeks. These people saw me go from a quite student to a future co worker ready to brighten the room and complete each case as close to perfection as possible.
See at a hospital if you work in the OR you are apart of a little gang. A gang who sticks together. We are the only ones who know what it is like to do what we do. How we crank music, talk about our families and politics, tell jokes, give each other a hard time and generally exchange intelligent banter. To have a million things running through our minds but know how to stay calm and get the job done.

We do what it takes to be able to day after day survive the high stress job of operating on individuals with loved ones waiting in the other room yearning to hear the words “everything went great” to be spoken.
Last weekend our sweet Anesthesiology Tech was hit by a drunk driver. She was not even in the ambulance and a few of our surgeons were on the phone with their lawyer friends.
We are a team.
A team with one common goal.
The goal of helping people and keeping each other sane no matter the situation.

I could not be happier about being apart of the OR Team of OU Medical Center Edmond in two weeks.

My dear future co workers I promise to make you proud.
Thank you for being excited I have completed school and making me feel like I am already apart of your family. It made today even sweeter than it always was.

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