Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Does it even have batteries?

Most of my evenings lately have been spend at my parents store on the computer, writing case studies, researching procedures and studying anatomy. Exciting I know.

I do not mind this really. 
I adore my studies and I always have a cat walking on my desk begging for attention.
Yet one evening something happened.....something which I kept forgetting took place till I see something again... and this something is a toy.

This toy.
I was in the restroom and I could hear Pandora playing and then I heard a child laughing.  My first thought was my sister was there for some reason and her kiddos are with her.  This would of been totally random. A welcomed visit but still random.  And then I heard the laughing again. At this point I was sure my 3 favorite little people were there and I was hurrying to go swoop them up and cover them in kisses.

I walked out and no one was there.

I was the alone.


Then I heard the laughing again from my dad's office and then a toy start making noises.  Now this said toy makes noises when you push it.  But this toy has not made noises in probably 6 years. But there it was dinging away....

I picked the toy up and put it away.
Doing everything in my power to ignore what just took place.

Strange toy you need to stay put on the toy shelve. Far away from me.

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