Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Dirt and Peppers

Ty said my last post was cheesy so I thought I needed to make up for it somehow. I think something about dirt and peppers should do it.

We wanted to plant veggies in the backyard. But with a large family of rabbits living in our backyard we knew it would be a battle we would loose. We do know no amount of chicken wire will keep a family of rabbits from your freshly grown goodies! So planting in pots was the only way we could keep the dream of fresh veggies alive. We had this ridiculously ugly table in our shed and thought with a coat of paint it would do to keep our pots out of little rabbit hands.

We thought we were being so smart with our pots and table. We could choose the spot in the yard which gets the most sun to place the table, we will not have to pull weeds, and the dog's little noses will not be knocking plants over. BUT we were not smart by not looking up. If we had we would of seen that part of the roof did not have a gutter. After one springtime shower our little pots looked a mess! The poor little things were drowned!

A couple little guys made it. They made me smile....Yet with how the soil was bouncing in and out of pots during the rain I bet we will have more pepper plants growing on the ground than in the pots.

Mental Note: Do not put pots beside house where there is not guttering.

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