Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Houston we have...Kittens!

At work we have a sweet cat named Peng. About a month ago she had kittens. She hid her little ones extremely well. So well we still had not seen them. Until yesterday...

I followed Peng to this pile of rocks and my co-worker started poking around and saw a kitten staring up at her.

We had a warm, safe, protected bed made up for her under our office to have her babies in but instead she thought a pile of boulders would make a nice home. Silly cat.

Well hello there baby blue eyes!

We have seen 3 kittens but when my dad was pulling the kittens out for us to hold he thinks he felt a 4th. We will find the sweet babies perfect homes and then Peng will be taking a Mini Vacation to the vet. This will be her 1st and last litter of kittens.

This kitten looks just like her mom. I almost did not put her back.

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