Thursday, April 16, 2009

Sleeping Beauty

I am wondering why I have so many pictures of Zeke sleeping. I think this obsession started with my love of his big ol' head. Since I have so many I thought I would share a few.

Here he is taking a break from his Fun in the Sun. It is hard work wading in the water, being lifted on and off the boat, and being fed ice cubes.

Here he really wanted to take a nap with Otis so he thought if he threw a leg over him him would not be able to leave him. Mission Accomplished.

Moments after this Zeke got up moved a foot over and then cursed the sun for moving and interrupting his Zzz's. Doesn't it know he sleeps best in full sun!?

ohhh man my weakness....squished flat jowls heart has officially melted.....

I obviously think he is super sweet when he sleeps since I could make an entire album of his "sleeping shots." But this picture shows how major my weakness is for him while he sleeps since I let him break a major rule in the house. No Bullmastiffs on the Couch.

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