Thursday, June 11, 2009

Baby No Name

This is going to be one of those stories that throws you for a loop at the end so hold on to your britches its a good one.
Wednesday is when this adventure starts after my morning diet coke. I was in the little girls room when I heard Peng howler out. This was not the normal Peng talking..... I yelled to her "PENG, YOU OKAY?" And then there was another MEOWWWWWW!!!! I went and corralled everyone to listen to her strange noises.

FYI: Our cat and her babies live under the office. It's cool and super cozy in a creepy, dirty, only 2 feet of crawl space sort of way.

All morning in the little girls room we could hear Peng cry. And by mid day it had turned to a pathetic meooww....

We had to get our cat.....She is either stuck or hurt and needed us. She might be a miniature superhero but she is in a delicate state. (yes, she is pregnant again)(dang it)

My mom crawls under the building and starts to cover every square inch of the toad infested, insulation falling down, spider web covered space.

She cannot see much so Stephanie and I start taking down the stone wall for better lighting. (dang it)(this will be heavy stuff to put back)

Still no cat....Her cries have turned bad to worse. And we can hear exactly where the sounds are coming from so out came the hammer.

Sorry vanity we will fix you later.

We were hearing her right around the sink so we thought we could simply pull the floor up. Nope. Not possible. Big mess.

Then Stephanie had a wave of genius..."what about the hidden panel around the Jacuzzi tub?!"

Awesome. Now at least we are one more level closer to our sweet cat. Who at this point is no longer crying......

I sat in the bathroom praying to hear just one more "meow" maybe it would be the "meow" that would tell us where she was......

My dad has now been under the building for over an hour. My mom has pulled up every vent. Stephanie has been jumping from customers back to us to help in every way possible.
Go Team Edmond Rock!
Us 3 girls with heavy hearts are sitting in the restroom knowing the day was coming to the end and we would soon have to leave and Peng would be spending the night stuck and or hurt...alone....
It was then time for my Dad to have a wave of genius......"what about another hidden panel?"
My mom slowly opened the panel and calmly said "get me some gloves, there's a cat." A CAT?!?! "Mom what do you mean a cat? Is it not Peng?!" "No, it's a kitten and it's in trouble."
Stephanie took off the get some gloves and my Mom slowly pulled out a coke bottle. A COKE BOTTLE!?!? A coke bottle with a small black body poking out the back.
The baby had it's little tiny head stuck in a COKE BOTTLE! It was not Peng the whole time!? It was a screaming kitten scared for it's life!
We cut the kitten free of the refreshing beverage's bottle. We had a good laugh at ourselves for the hole in the wall, pulled apart vanity, and torn down stone wall. All we had to do the whole time was open one panel! This entire time Peng was probably off gallivanting around town eating mice and stalking snakes.
Here is the little guy/girl now! It's completely confused why it is locked in a room with these strange giants picking it up. Poor no name baby....
The kitten will be given a loving new home once comfortable with people. But I will tell you something out at my work we will never forget hunting all day for our cat to only find a kitten stuck in a Diet Coke bottle under the Jacuzzi tub.

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