Wednesday, June 10, 2009

I only eat Organic

Not one of my favorite things.....

Have you even noticed when you bump into someone at the store the first thing they do is look into your cart? The whole time we will be small talking I want to blurt "yes, someone in my house needs Pepto Bismol and yes I still eat Captain Crunch...."

This past time I even tried to distract the individual which I was telling "married life is good and it's nice living back in Edmond" with big arm movements and even stepping away from my cart.

Yet nothing I did kept this individuals eyes away from my cart! It made me wish my fresh veggies were proudly displayed on top instead of buried below the box of hamburger helper.

Let it be known if I bump into you at Wal Mart your anti fungal spray is safe from my eyes and
I buy Charmin toilet paper.

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