Friday, June 19, 2009

My Daddy-O

It's Father's Day Weekend so it is time to give my dad a shout out and tell you why he is the best in the west!
When listing things which make my dad great you have to start with his love for her. She picked him up in a bar (go mom!), fell in love, and are living their happily ever after.

He loves animals.
He does not stop and smell roses often because he is a go getter. Always building, creating, making something perfect. Yet he always takes the time to show a little critter some love.
He can put Bob Villa to shame.
He hangs with my love.
In the fall they conquered 2 deer in 10 minutes. Impressive.
If I ask he ALWAYS provides.
When something makes him happy a Yee-Haw is guaranteed to follow.
Did I mention his love for my mom?
His is probably the best Pa to ever be on the plant.
And is always the best dressed man in the room.
His chair is his chair so you should probably pick the sofa.
He built my family a beautiful home with his two hands. All while teaching my sister and I we can do anything with a little determination.
He is smart. Like really really smart.

Did I mention what a great Pa he is?
Or how handsome he is?!
He can carry a kiddo like a sac of potato's like it is no ones business.
In college he wanted to move to the good ol US of A to go to college and decided on the University of Oklahoma because they had the best football team.
Or so the story goes....
Shortly after moving to Oklahoma his neighbors told him to take cover because a tornado was headed their way....he went under the car port.
Silly Canadian.
My dad is simply the best.
I love you!

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