Thursday, January 6, 2011

Good thing they are so cute

While the sun has yet to make its grand entrance for the day and all is quite in the house I am woken every morning to one of my dogs dancing at the backdoor. I some how wiggle my way out of my boyfriends arms to let the dancing dog out while the other furry baby still has no intention of leaving his comfy spot on his bed.
I find my way back to bed trying to do this without opening my eyes not to wake up fully.  I am swooped up and a soft beard is now nuzzling my neck.  As soon as I fall back asleep the other little fur covered love is moving around waking me with his collar and tag reminding me it is his turn for the backdoor to magically open.  
Once again I am dragging myself away from an anaconda type squeeze reminding myself no one makes me hold it so I should not make him do the same. With still half closed eyes I let the dog out and giggle to see the boys jumping around with each other in the yard like they have not seen each other in days.  Now my body is all most awake and tells me it is my turn for the restroom.  As quickly as possible I get back into bed and find the perfect spot on Jeremy's chest and as soon as I let out a sleepy sigh Otis will be back at the backdoor throwing himself against it telling me I am being a bad mom by making him stay outside.  I let him in, give him a pat on his sugar bottom and see Carson is not done chewing on firewood and unsuccessfully climbing a tree to get to the birds.  As soon as I am back into bed Otis is now barking to get into bed with us.  Now he has steps to assist him in the process which he refuses to use.  
I pull him up and now my boyfriends arms are full of a 18 pound ball of sweetness and are no longer needing me. 
Just as my body is relaxing Carson is now at the back door barking.  I fall out of bed, dust the dog off from the leafs he was recently rolling in and find my way back to my boyfriend and little sidekick.  As I am pulling the covers up snuggly I will receive my first kiss of the day with the words 'are you ready to start our day?' to follow.  

Yes I am ready to start my day.

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