Sunday, January 2, 2011

A night which will not be forgotten

My list why NYE was perfection. 

  • too tight of a dress for a four course dinner
  • red velvet and chocolate cake served with champagne
  • a smartly packed knapsack
  • not ruining a dear friend's brand new, never been worn, $175 pair of boots
  • a neighbor taking care of my fury babies
  • 3 of us in a teeny weensy bed
  • a movie romantic midnight kiss
  • arm and sumo wresting 
  • staying up entirely too late
  • my dashing date
  • knowing a fresh start is at midnight
  • taking zero pictures at the swanky restaurant  
  • stilettos which treated my feet well 
This was the girls unsuccessfully trying to take a nice picture together.
We were a mess needless to say.
Thank you my friends for helping me celebrate the new year 
the only way we know how.....being the dorks which we are.

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