Sunday, January 2, 2011

Happy New Year!

Dear 2011,

I have only one request. Please good to me and the ones I love.   I have some small hopes and dreams for the new year but they seems silly when comparing them to a brand spanking new human growing in my sisters tummy and my parents taking on the battle of downsizing. I simply ask if you need to teach me lessons keep them one at a time.

Much Love,
 This next year.....
1 - Get a job
2 - Pay off taxes
3 - Paint bedroom, kitchen, entryway
4 - Wash car more often
5 - Teach Carson to not jump when people come over
6 - Build trust where needed
7 - Figure out a way for more days in the week
8 - Be proactive with issues before they become problems
9 - Win the battle with my skin
10 - A trip to Ikea

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