Sunday, January 9, 2011

Love Notes

Dear Hulu,
I was feeling under the weather this weekend but you came into my life and gave me hours of entertainment. Probably too many hours of entertainment.

Dear October Road,
Your pretty people, perfect streets, and never changing weather makes for a wonderful TV drama. Too bad America didn't get hooked and I only have two seasons to watch.

Dear Disappointing Email,
This is not a love note. This is a hate note. I wish I never even opened you. I have not felt that much disappointment in a very long time.  I am going to pull a little sour grapes and say I didn't want that job anyways......who am I kidding.....I did want it......but there is something even better out there. Now if I could only find it.

Dear Toystory Cupcakes,
You showed up magically at my door and made my nose no longer stuffy and my ears no longer itchy. I know it was you. The 16 hours of sleep had nothing to do with it.

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