Thursday, October 15, 2009

the magic pill

now there is a question for me.....if you could, would you fix your congenital anosmia?

this is a though one....and my thoughts are very random on this so bare with me.

if i was deaf at least i would never hear bad news, bad music, something in pain..... this would be wonderful...right? no?

this is like saying at least with my 'condition' i cannot smell yucky smells such as farts, litter boxes, and dog poop. (but if i can't smell it how will i ever know if i step in dog poop?) sure not having negative smells invade my nose is a good thing but really so minor compared to what i am missing.

yet even with knowing i am missing beautiful moments such as smelling new babies and new cars i have never spent a moment of my life wishing my olfactory abilities would kick in.

in short, no i do not want a surgery to 'fix' my sniffer. i do not want a magic spell because i do not think my life would be suddenly filled with beautiful moments. i think i would be overwhelmed and maybe even sickened from the world around me. my food would probably be uneatable from being too powerful. i like my simple and plain air better than something which would knock my socks my off every time i walked into a new room.

but i would like a little magic pill which i could hide away and look at every once in a while. kind of like me having the choice to have a faulty olfactory. i would never take this magic pill but if i did one day it would only be do to curiosity not me really wanting to change how God made me.

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