Tuesday, October 27, 2009

our #1 fans

a customer came in today with a heavy heart....he lost his dog over the weekend. he stayed awhile and told us about his buddy and how she went to work with him everyday and how he knows he spent more time with her than his wife. we sat and listened as he told stories about her knowing talking about his old friend always helps.

he ended up bringing my mom and me to tears.

a few months ago i lost one of my dogs. he went to live somewhere else. (divorce sucks) i try to not think about him. i try to not think about how his big head felt in my hands when i rubbed his ears. or the sweet sounds he made while trying to get comfortable. i try to not think about how he was the one and only reason i cried when my life was being flipped upside down.....because if i don't think about it then it does not exist. mind over matter, mind over matter, mind over matter.....

enough about that.

i have my little man Otis to cuddle with, to be my constant companion, and be my #1 fan. i will do whatever it takes to keep him happy and healthy.

carrots over dog treats
brush his hair every evening
his own hammock in the back seat.....wait... what?

since my best buddy rides in the car everyday to and from work his chances of being in an accident is much higher than the average dog. and even a small fender bender can be deadly for a dog.

scary thought.

his hammock keeps him safely tucked in the backseat even if i have to slam my brakes. and he could of easily rolled onto the floor board before his safety hammock made the backseat a solid surface.

i love his hammock for keeping my most treasured possession safe and for being just the right height for him to peak over.

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