Thursday, October 1, 2009

to leash or not to leash

not much ruffles my feathers. do what makes you happy and i am happy. yet there is one thing which makes little flames come out of my ears.

children on leashes.

your child is not a dog, please take them off the leash. and please don't say that you are too busy to watch your child in public. your priorities are kid first, remembering milk second. but who knows maybe when the blessed day comes and i have my very own little one i too might think it is more important to look at the hamper helper than teach my kiddo manners.

i guess these individuals think it's okay that little Timmy is opening cereal boxes as long as he is doing it while tied to his stuffed animal backpack leash.

love your children. pay attention to them. and don't yell. it makes everyone uncomfortable.

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