Friday, October 2, 2009

out of order

is something not working? are you tired in the morning? or is your car making a weird sound?.........then fix it.

i know you're saying "if it were only that easy!" i mean if something is bothering you weekly or daily make it go away. do whatever it takes! why in the world would you sit around with something nagging at you if you have the power to change it......i promise you can change the world.....

i was unhappy with something huge.....something which literally was my everything. i took a leap of faith and did something about it. and now i am happy. finally.

i believe in "don't tell me, show me." actions are better than words. don't talk about something about it!

what is making you think before you go to bed? a wall needs to be painted? then paint it this weekend. someone is bugging you at work? on monday be the first to say "good morning" and give them a compliment. then see what happens....

my little man already has fixing his problems down to a fine art. here he thought the couch was not comfy enough so he pulled the pillow down for added comfort.

here my little man did not think i had loved on him enough one day. so what did he do about it? he just chilled with his tiny tongue out till i noticed and gave him lots of cuddles because of the cuteness.

the pups were trading off napping in the big bed at work. a few weeks ago otis became pro active and instead of wondering around the office till millie stood up he just plopped down with her. and this is now their daily napping situation.

(pretty cute, huh?)

i promise you can change your world. one tiny little action at a time.

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