Thursday, October 29, 2009

Warning: Sweetness to follow

tuesday evening i went with my mom, sister, and nephews to Lake Arcadia's Halloween celebration....fairytale trail....fairytale book story trail.....i have NO idea what the name was but i do know it was super cute and i almost took some of the kids home with me. but then i thought their parents might miss them.

Sutton was a black bird and Mr Wyatt was a pumpkin head scarecrow. but you would not know it because the pumpkin head was never on his head.

we went on a trail with candy stops....

...and cute story book scenes...

...then played some games.

and i got to check one more item off of my Fall To Do List with a chilly hayride.

we finished off the night by roasting hot-dogs.

with the excitement wearing off, the warmth of the fire, and his neena's lap the scarecrow was fighting off the sandman.

when we were leaving we all said our favorite part.
mine....the hayride
sister....watching her boys experience the evening
mom....the campfire
wyatt....the candy
sutton.....the hotdogs....the candy....the hotdogs....he could not make up his mind.

but i change my mind.

my favorite part was sitting in the backseat in between the boys. it was a tight squeeze but holding sutton's hand and playing tetris with wyatt pretty much was perfect.

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