Friday, October 30, 2009

Pita Pit for dinner

i am still figuring out things which change when you no longer have a husband.

it is up to me to get the trash can to the curb.
i no longer have to wipe wiskers before i brush my teeth.
i did not have an automatic person to carve a pumpkin with.......bummer.

but this was an easy fix. make a few phone calls, send a few texts, and voila i had myself a carving buddy.
(who needs a husband? not me!!)

after a text message conversation with taylor jane we decided wednesday evening we would carved pumpkins. we had to do it on wednesday because she had a date on monday and on tuesday. sheesh

her new dogaughter Desi helped us with our design ideas. taylor's new furry family member is sweet, cute, and already a little mama's girl....

while we were carving our buddy (taylor's housemate) david brought us dinner, laughed at us, and told us to not cut our fingers off because he was tired and would not take us to the hospital. taylor told him her mom would not be very happy with him if he did not take her to the hospital. so he said he would call her mom and she could come take us if we were to slip with the knife.

luckily no limbs were lost because this was getting complicated.

us 3 spending time together was like the good ole' days. the days when we thought it was normal to cook our chicken in beer. i think it had been 4.5 years since all 3 of us were alone in a room together. which was simply too long......a little ridiculous if you ask me.

when i flipped my freshly carved pumpkin around for david to see he simply stated...."it's katie holmes" and then laughed at my carving abilities. i am not one to say mean things but she does have one eye which is smaller than the other.....

Taylor went all fancy and gave her's eye brows and named him Billy Bob.

Billy Bob and Katie now are hanging out on their front porch.....if they are not already smashed in the street.....

personally i think if kids go to take one of this pumpkins they will put it right back after noticing the craving genius which took place. and we all know neighborhood hoodlums totally respect craving genius's.

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