Thursday, October 22, 2009

thank you notes

Dear McDonald's,
thank you for your early morning yummy-ness. it might be ridiculous to spend $3.01 on a coffee but this is more than a coffee it is perfection.

Dear Friend,
thank you for saying 'food is 30% of my happiness'. it made our shopping trip complete and i think it was the most brilliant statement i have heard you say in our 13 years of being friends.

Dear New Red Lipstick,
it still feels a little daring to put you on. i do not know if you will stick around.

Dear So You Think You Can Dance,
thank you for my weekly cry/goose bump session. you are needing to change your name to 'So How Many Times Can We Make Christel Rewind To Re-Watch a Performance'.

Dear Mom,
thank you again for my home made, better than anything bought online phone cover. it is perfect.

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