Friday, November 13, 2009

2 and done

on my day of relaxation and selfish behavior, aka monday, i received a phone call from the pretty lady below to do a favor. and this was not just any favor. it was a favor which might of included a head ache while at work the next day.

her manager's husband is a police officer and was needing individuals to come to the station, drink, take multiple breathalyzers, and then finally be the dummies used in road side sobriety test training.

poor nervous new recruits......

it was a blast. the other volunteers were fantastically funny people and i do not think the beer had anything to do with it.

let it be known taylor and i could be in a card board box and have a wonderful time and want to do it again the next week. so we are not fair judges with the fun-o-meter.

after my 1st beer the officer monitoring our drinking told me he only wanted me to drink 2 because i was looking like a light weight. (compliment or not, not sure)

we took walks, open beers when told, laughed our bottoms off at each other, sat around a conference table, and finally went and completed 7 road side sobriety tests.

2 beers = 6 arrests on my part

maybe i should of informed the new recruits it is normal for be to say silly things and giggle a lot. i couldn't help but laugh when i would see Taylor out the corner of my eye balancing on one foot looking so serious.

by the way i am smiling right now just thinking of us walking the line over and over and over!

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