Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Everything Peacock

i do not want to ever come across one of these peacock spiders.
it has a creepy wing and holds up his 3rd row of legs to attract a lady friend.

freak me skin is crawling and i have the willies......but i can't stop staring.....

yep, skin is still crawling even when i see his small stature. he might of received his name from the beautiful peacock but i want nothing to do with him or his jumping ways.

nor do i want my car to be tricked out like a peacock. even though it does have a little sparkle which i adore.

but i do want one of these.

they are fantastic.

the feather pieces i am finding are dark feathers and with my hair color they get lost.

i am not cool enough to pull off blue, green, and gold hair so i think i will be in the clear with these perfectly perfect feathers adorning my head.

or do i just go blonde?

decisions, decisions, decisions

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