Thursday, November 12, 2009

video game and chicken

last night i gave DP, aka david, family guy sleeping pants. partly because the show reminds me of us 5 years ago watching the 1st season on dvd in norman procrastinating our homework. and partly because it was his birthday and i didn't think i should show up without a gift. but mostly because it is fun shopping for gifts to make my friends smile.

he didn't just smile....he laughed. but he laughs at me often. i think this is why he likes having me around.

the ladies cooked, the guys played their new video game and i watched.

and hopefully he had a great birthday.

also did you know it was national wear a striped tank top with gray sweat jacket and jeans day? because it was.

ask taylor and i about it. we were twins and everybody noticed....and commented.....and we stood side by side so every could get a good look.

we looked darling by the way.

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