Friday, November 20, 2009

Guaranteed to be awkward

there are certain actions and reactions which guarantee an increased heart rate and blushing cheeks. sometimes an increased heart rate with blushing cheeks is a good thing yet sometimes not so much....

theses are just a few.

the ever lingering unclaimed fart
a wave with no response
a restroom run in
getting caught glancing at reflection
finding food in your teeth after an important conversation
calling someone the wrong name or being called the wrong name.....ouch
a sneeze-fart
pulling up the gas pump on the wrong side, move your car to notice you did it again
tripping with no one to laugh with you...tripping alone is sad, tripping with someone is funny
the 'which way do i go' dance with a stranger
running into someone at the checkout with items which should be left discrete
something....anything on your clothes malfunctions

have your mom hang a sign in the doorway to the office so when you are showing customers inside they have to bob and weave and still get knocked in the head by a strangely placed sign.

i hope you have a wonderful non-awkward day!

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