Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Sutton bit my finger!

then stop putting your finger in his mouth!

i took the nephews christmas shopping on my day of relaxation and self behavior this week. on thanksgiving our family does extended family christmas and we needed to pick out our cousin's gifts.

before we could take on the stores we had to go to the post office where we saw how loud we could stomp our feet. wyatt won this game. and sutton thought every single individual in line needed a personal 'hello' from him.

who wouldn't enjoy being given a smile while waiting in the never ending post office line?

next i was instructed they needed a snack. they were starving because their mother had not just fed them breakfast an hour before. growing boys with tummy which are never full....and minds which know how to work their aunt and get yummy treats....

we went to the store where i let them take their time, touch every snack, and pick up every bottle they could reach until the perfect item was in their hot little hands.

it took over 10 minutes for this process and we finally had success with 2 juices, a m&m cookie, cheese sticks and the decision made that they will share their snakes with each other so they can have both.

after stomping through the snack store we moved onto the task at hand of christmas present shopping. and sutton showed me how he likes to hold mannequin hands....all of them....every single mannequin he passed he had to stop and hold their hand......good thing he is so cute....this added a good 10 minutes to the shopping.

after being perfect angels and the presents picked out they were about to exploded from all their love for their aunt. or maybe it was the juice and cookie.....any-who we found a quite corner of the store and had a dance off.

and this mini dance session was a perfect ending to a perfect morning.

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