Wednesday, November 11, 2009


i saw on another blog where they were reminded of their blessings by the feeling of the new season. and it made me think of all the beautiful things/people in my life. no matter which way the day or hour is going my life is full of perfection. sometimes i forget this and i have to remind myself. because when the world feels its heaviest is when we forget the beauty which is in this heavy world.

...... i went through something terrible...dreadful...plain yucky. my world was not just heavy but tumbled over. and yet i have never felt such peace and happiness. it is because of my blessings which picked my crumbled world up piece by piece and put it back together better than ever.

  • friends who make me dinner and are careful with my heart
  • friends who let me make them dinner and trust me with their hearts
  • i have a roof over my head
  • Jesus died for my sins
  • strangers who are now friends
  • tomorrow always comes
  • late night giggles coming from the living room as i fall asleep
  • i know home is where the heart is
  • i have something warm to cuddle with every night
  • i always have someone to drink a glass of wine with and they will most definitely make me laugh

what are your blessings?

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