Friday, November 6, 2009

love letters

Dear new coworker,
thank you for coming and helping my boss for a couple hours a day. i like to see you sitting at my desk bringing peace to the office. my favorite part is i call you sister.

Dear paranormal shows,
i am no longer scared to watch you alone. thank you for waiting patiently on my dvr for me to push play.

Dear homemade chicken caesar pita,
you are incredibly tasty. the past 5 dinners would not of been the same without you. i think i am out of chicken so pita bread and lettuce it is just us tonight! maybe next week i will make something other than a pita for dinner....or maybe not.....

Dear kitten,
will you please stop running away. 2 times in 3 weeks is a little ridiculous. but please never stop coming home. my desk looks empty without you taking a nap on it.

Dear Pandora Radio,
you make my day a little more wonderful. i would appricate if you would stop the silly rule of only 40 hours of listening in a month.

Dear nephews,
i think i need to come over for another hair appointment. your tiny fingers clipping and brushing is quite nice. and i do not think my hair has ever looked so brilliant as the last the time you fixed it.

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  1. Adorable nephew pics! And thanks for visiting my blog and giving your 2 cents on my door situation!