Tuesday, November 10, 2009

an aunt and her nephew

'can i sit with you?' the precious 2 year old asked his aunt who just picked him up from school.

'sure...jump. comfy?' asked the aunt who just pushed her work aside.

'uh-huh. can we use the pin?'

'what do you want to draw? your name? numbers?'

'your hand!'

he starts to drawer and she directs 'careful...careful....oops you drew on me..don't worry it will wash off..don't forget my thumb....keep the pin moving....you have already done this finger but you can do it twice if you want to......awesome job buddy!'

'my hand my hand! inside yours!'

'there you go....we drew a great picture together. we are really good artist if i do say so myself.'


they move on to taking pictures of every person at her work and leave their picture to sit on her desk and wait for her to find it later and smile.

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