Tuesday, November 10, 2009

noddin my head like yeah, movin my hips yeah

this weekend i took some wonderful pictures.....but i have no way share them.....they are stuck on my camera.....maybe later i can figure this out.....

so this is officially a word only post.
i am going to hit on the highlights of my weekend.

tried a new restaurant
made a new friend........!!!!
danced in the car with an old friend
enjoyed a homemade dinner celebrating a birthday
received a present
gave a present
kept the backdoor open all day
explained what a cougar is
stayed out entirely too late
yard work fairy's came by my house.....wish they would of called to say they were there
found someone who did not love Twilight
had beers at the police station and was 'arrested'.........6 times.......not what you think
received a compliment which made me blush

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