Saturday, November 21, 2009

things which are simply Fantastic

the remote is just in reach
first time to put on a new lip gloss
when friends stop what they are doing to celebrate your arrival
the slice of bread from the middle of the loaf
hearing your vacuum cleaner working
surprise presents
when you spot the person you are meeting
when you don't need gas when you thought you did
a glass of ice water made by someone else
sheets right out of the dryer
the price tag comes off in one clean pull
your birthday is on a Saturday
seeing the dirt on the rag you are cleaning with
house shoes
a strangers 'God Bless You'
deciding you do have room for desert
the middle bite of the cookie
warm towels at restaurants
laughing so hard you make no sense at all
the perfect hair color
taking your high heels off and walking inside bare foot
realizing your skinny jeans fit
a good sneeze
receiving a text message at the perfect moment
fries at the bottom of the bag

spending all day looking for vintage tupperware.
because you love the colors and the memories it brings back of opening the fridge and asking mom 'whats inside?'

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