Tuesday, August 25, 2009

2 gone, 3 to go

The time has come to say goodbye.....the crazy kitten posts will be coming to an end...the babies are leaving us in 2 hours....we are sooooo sad.....2 of the kittens are already with their new families. The last 3 are going to a vet in edmond who said they will put them out front and they will be adopted in just a few days.

It will soon be Peng and Shadow, Our Yard Cats! Poor Shadow will miss his siblings for sure....this picture is from nap time this morning. Momma cat on the other hand is going to be one happy camper once she realizes she will be able to walk around with no kittens hanging off of her!

Enough of the sad stuff and check out this snake's skin!!!!! HOLY COW!!!!! Our yard hand Ray found it while moving some stone by hand. Talk about freaking me out!!!!!

4 feet of creepy!

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